Jeffrey Morgan – Sound Communications Workshop

Jeffrey Morgan: Sound Communications Workshop
Introduction to Improvisation & Conceptual Composition

Mo. 09.01. und Di. 10.01.2012
Klanglabor, 0.21
Filzengraben 8-10
jeweils 11-17 h
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Improvisation in reality is the essence underlying the foundation of musical principles, as it mostly
took shape and form before verbal languages were highly developed. Primitive people started by beating sticks and stones together and producing gutteral utterances with their voice before the first “instrument” was invented and/or discovered. As ancient cultures developed they refined these kind of practices and applied them to tribal/ritual usage.

For example, to compare the aborigines from Austrailia with the Inuit Indians from Northeastern Canada, and although their cultures are basically on the other side of the planet from one another, their concepts and techniques have striking similarities with regards to the sounds that are being produced. Now keeping this in mind, it is quite feasible that they could sucessfully improvise together.
Music is a univeral language.

The workshop is open to everyone who has an interest to participate within a process
relating to: Music as a Universal Language. All kinds of instruments are acceptable, also
turntables, radios, ghetto blasters, etc., but not required. However, we will focus primarily on the
potentials of the human voice. This is not a master class, rather an educational opportunity.
People with no or little musical experience are equally encouraged as musicians, composers,
spoken word artists, and audio/visual specialists. Over the course of the workshop we intend to
focus mainly on improvisational techniques, but also touching upon soundscapes, collage, and
metaphoric means to reach a specific communication depending on
its intention.

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