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Prof. Dr. Hans Ulrich Reck

Curriculum Vitae  

Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Hans Ulrich Reck, born in 1953, is a philosopher, scholar of art, author and participant of numerous exhibitions. He obtained his MA degree in 1976, his PhD in philosophy in 1989 and his post-doctoral lecturing qualification (venia legendi) in 1991 in "aesthetics and general arts". He has been Professor of Art History in a Media Context at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne since April 1995, prior to which he held the chair of Communication Theory at the Hochschule für Angewandte Kunst in Vienna (1992 to 1995) and lectured in Basle and Zurich (1980 - 1995). His numerous publications include: Singularität und Sittlichkeit. Die Kunst Aldo Walkers in bildrhetorischer und medienphilosophischer Perspektive (Würzburg 2004); Aldo Walker, 'Morphosyntaktisches Objekt' - Kunstfigur und rhetorische Emphase (Aargauer Kunsthaus Aarau 2003); Kunst als Medientheorie. Vom Zeichen zur Handlung (München 2003); KHM Audiolectures 01: Geschichte der Künste im medialen Kontext (CD-Rom, Köln 2003); Mythos Medienkunst (Köln 2002).
Selected earlier publications: Junggesellenmaschinen (extended new edition, with Harald Szeemann, Wien/ New York 1999); Lab. Jahrbuch für Künste und Apparate der Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln (the academy's annual, with Siegfried Zielinski and others, 7 books, Köln 1996 - 2006); Zugeschriebene Wirklichkeit. Alltagskultur, Design, Kunst, Film und Werbung im Brennpunkt von Medientheorie (Würzburg 1994); Grenzziehungen. Ästhetiken in aktuellen Kulturtheorien (Würzburg 1991).
He has been advisory co-editor of the book series Conference: German Literary Theory and Cultural Studies (Wayne State University Press Detroit, Michigan) since 1988 and editor of the book series Medienkultur (Springer Verlag, Wien/ New York) since 1996. Since 2003, he has been a menber of the scientific advisory board of the electronic net magazine GHREBH. Revista digital do Centro Interdisciplinar de Semiótica da Cultura e da Mídia (CISC, São Paulo, Brazil).

Areas of activity (in keywords)

Aesthetics, philosophy, theory and history of art, 20th century art, semiotics, media theory, visual dispositives of the Modern Age, history and theory of imagination.

Key areas and academic interests:

- Cultural theory (historic anthropology, symbols research, reader- response, typology of aesthetic modernizations, quotidian culture and industrialization of seeing, ethnography of body presentations, mnemotechnics, theories of remembering and forgetting, concepts of knowledge and perception, the interactions of art, science and everyday life under the increasing use of technology, media and apparatuses.

- Art and art theory (comparative general arts, image-theoretical paradigms from the Middle Ages to the telematics era, aesthetics of technical media in the context of a modern art image theory; sociology of artists' roles since the Romantic period, art as a theory of discourse and institutions, political iconographies in visual media)

- Media theories (20th century art and its relation to media technology and to research on mass culture, theory of photography and film, semiotics of the cultural industry, new media and social changes, philosophical aspects of the history of technology, epistemology of aesthetics)

- Methodologies of aesthetics (iconography and the history of mentality, psychohistory and semiotics, iconology and hermeneutics, reader-response and media theory; art and visual culture understood as recoding acts in media culture; theories of the imaginary, sociology of symbolic acting, discourse theory and ideology criticism)

- Multi media / intermediality and the techno-imaginary (art in relation to architecture, urbanistics, hermeneutics, design; advanced technologies in aesthetics and art theory: installations, performances, cyberspace, network experiments; connectivity: social interventions through art, forms of aesthetic subversion in a media simulation and in high-tech culture; communication conditions and their artistic transformation in an electronic media society).


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