Hans Ulrich Reck, born in 1953 in Schönenwerd (Switzerland), grew up in Basle, is married and has one child. Philosopher, scholar of art and author, he has participated to numerous exhibitions and organised and produced a great deal of symposia, some of them with firm orientation towards internationality and innovative research. He gave lectures, made workshops on a national and international basis (essentially Western Europe), wrote and published books as well as essays for papers, journals, mostly destined for anthologies published by various publishing companies.  Disciple of Ernst Bloch, Helmut Fahrenbach, Konrad Hoffmann and Wilfried Barner among others, Hans Ulrich Reck studied philosophy, art history and modern German Literature at the University of Tübingen (MA degree in 1976) and communication design with Bazon Brock - at the "Bergische Universität" in Wuppertal. There, he did his PhD and received his post-doctoral lecturing qualification (venia legendi) in "aesthetics and art".  From 1976 on, he worked as a journalist and freelance author/publicist and from 1979 on also as a teacher. From 1976 to 1987, various activities in the adult education, including for different adult education centres and schools for social work as well as from 1977 to 1984, position as adviser and collaborator at the "Stiftung Studienbibliothek zur Geschichte der Arbeiterbewegung" in Zurich as well as at the "Salecina" education centre (Maloja, Graubünden). In 1979, co-founder, until 1981 managing director of a cultural and event centre in Basle, from 1983 to 1986 editor of the Bulletin of the "Schweizerischer Bühnenverband". After 1983, he worked on the edition and publication of the unpublished works of Rudolf M. Lüscher (including: "Einbruch in den gewöhnlichen Ablauf der Ereignisse", Limmat Verlag Zürich 1984; "Henry und die Krümelmonster. Über Fordismus", Konkursbuch Verlag Tübingen without date; "Theo und Amalie Pinkus-de Sassi. Ein Leben im Widerspruch", Limmat Verlag Zürich 1987).  Following a public and anonymous competition, he became chairman of the labour council of the "Internationales Design Zentrum" (IDZ) in Berlin in 1983 - where he worked until 1986. From this period on, various and continuous collaboration with Bazon Brock. From 1981 to 1995, lecturer in art history, architecture and design theory, visual communication, semiotics, aesthetics and media theory at the "Höhere Schule für Gestaltung", Basle, from 1989 to 1995 also at the "Höhere Schule für Gestaltung", Zurich. There, he realised for example theoretical and creative projects together with Aldo Walker and André V. Heiz. From 1986 to 1996, intensive periodical collaboration with Martin Heller (Museum für Gestaltung, Zurich). Together with Alois Martin Müller and Jörg Huber, he conceived "Interventionen", the series of lectures beginning in 1991 (to be found also in a book series, published until 1998 by Verlag Stroemfeld/Roter Stern Basel/Frankfurt).  Between 1990 and 1991 conception and publication of the series "Querschüsse" (Keyser Verlag München). 1992-1995, he held the academic chair and was professor for communication theory of the "Hochschule für angewandte Kunst" in Vienna. In 1995, Hans Ulrich Reck became professor of art history a new media context at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Within his work at the Academy, he developed the annual for Art and appliances called LAB (since 1996 to be found at the publishing house of the library Walter König Köln) together with Siegfried Zielinski and Nils Röller. His collaboration with the group of artists "Knowbotic Research" and their "Membrane. Labor für mediale Strategien." connected to the subject group Kunst-und-Medienwissenschaften (art and media science) was a wise guidance for his work at the Academy and the conception of an appropriate "Kunst durch Medien" (art through media). Since 1988, Hans Ulrich Reck has been advisory-co-editor of the series "Conference: German Literary Theory and Cultural Studies" (General Editor: Liliane Weissberg), Wayne State University Press Detroit, Michigan. Since 1996 he is editor of the book series "Medienkultur", published by Springer Verlag, Wien/New York. In this series have been published books from Elisabeth I. Eisenstein, Manfred Faßler, Harold Adam Innis, Wolfgang Müller-Funk, Hans Ulrich Reck, Harald Szeemann.  Between 1999 and 2000, following an invitation of Michael Erlhoff, Hans Ulrich Reck contributed to the exhibition and the catalogue "Heute ist morgen. Zur Perspektive von Konstruktion und Empirie" (Kunst- und Austellungshalle der BRD, Bonn), which conception and realisation he fully advised. Since 1998, together with Hartmut Böhme, Christina von Braun, Martin Burckhardt, Wolfgang Coy and Friedrich Kittler, he constitutes the programme commission for the organisation of the "Interface 5" (title: "Politik der Maschine") commissioned by the Hamburger Kulturbehörde which took place in September and October 2000 in Hamburg.  Hans Ulrich Recks' work fields are the following: aesthetics, philosophy, art theory and art history, art and its theories in the 20th century, visual communication, theory of architecture and urban forms of life, design theory, semiotics, media theory, visual arrangements of modern age, history and theory of creative power. For a long period of time, he concentrated on two fields of research. The first one tries to find out how the ideational pattern of dream and the imagination forms of vision are linked to the general phenomena of the pictorial between perception and imagination. The second one considers the intern theoretical content of art, especially in this century, in view of media rhetoric which wouldn't exist without art and is inseparable from it. In this context, the term media is meant in a practical/methodical way, as a form of action, and not in a technical/logistic way, as the incorporation of gadget, materiality and tools. "Traum/Vision" ("Dream/Vision") and "Kunst als Medientheorie" (art as media theory) will be completed with "Epistemologie des Bildes aus der Sicht der Künste" (epistemology of the picture viewed by art).  Numerous book publications as author, co-author, publisher and co-publisher. Various essays, monographs, studies, comments, reports and glosses.