"How does the Inconsistent work, practically?"

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2005 by Marcello Mercado

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  13.I am not in a position to post consistence...
  14.....but something went wrong...
  16.I signed it [the petition]
  17.Restriction of the hours
  18.The skin of their hands
  19.The almost obsolete night-work
  20.Virtual law of suspects
  21.they seem stereotyped
  22.the gang-system the gang-master
  23.500 varieties of hammers Cyclops
  25.constantly extending strata
  26.the isolation of each detail process
  27.perceptible and imperceptible
  28.fixed form of a particular epoch
  29.the consumed surplus-value
  30.[...] might injure it...
  31.speaking physiologically
  32.[...]in proper proportions...
  33.± two objects ± circulation
  34.buying in order to sell dearer
  35.difficult to detect irregularities
  36.Factory Inspector J. Stuart
  37....compared with thirty or forty years ago..
  38.metamorphosed shape on a large scale
  39.the field of battle becomes two-fold

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a fit embodiment of abstract

a creation out of nothing

Series of periods of moderate activity

the so-called home-work

golden eggs and stupid contradictions

grievous pains and penalties


People was drownded but a little bird

the gratuitous service of past labour

any new Capital

replacing by some succedaneum

depriving his bread of its butter

Recommendations of the Commission

the rising generation

in many cases doubled

a fixed mathematical relation

fractional products

in its strict meaning

creation of value

its own golden person

a standard of prices

human wants

sign any petition

5 beds = 1 house

5 bullets = 1 man

I mean Aristotle

butiric acid/ propyl formate

an atom of value

gentlemen of the jury

secret sources

the uses of the things

an object outside us

interdependent development

no mystical ideas

eye-straining eye-training

extensive apparatus dwarf apparatus

assigned to a partial function

irregular intervals

constantly interrupted

restoration as a system

official medical inquiry

purpose of expanding

extensive sausage-makers

purpose of expanding

purpose of expanding

purpose of expanding

purpose of expanding

purpose of expanding