SUMMA - Notations

by Marcello Mercado


Marcello Mercado
SUMMA - Notations, 2012
HD single channel video,
4min 12sec
stereo 16:9 black/white




recontextualisation, notations, invention, user culture, participation, dematerialisation, WHYUWWM, decontextualisation, performance, software application/program, human-human (artist interaction), human-computer, human-human (audience interaction), public space, offer a game, visualize, enhance perception, serve as an instrument, mediate, process, transform, store, exchange information, activate, explore, participate, navigate, co-author, leave traces, custom, monitor/screen, projection, sound acoustic, speakers, microphone, mass media, social relations



SUMMA - Notations, 2012

This work explore the possibility to build a "musical-compost" with the debris of some compositions from the classic period rewriting a new kind of notes and system of values.

debris:1. the remains of something that has been destroyed or broken up; junk; rubble; detritus
            2.broken or torn pieces of something larger

I have designed 210 Notations or graphemes (symbols that can mean anything and can be combined) that are visual generated by typing a laptop as if it were a normal typography. Each Notation/ grapheme is related with a 1 second- sound. This second is the result of the shrinking time of the total running time of one classical composition:
Some examples:

Notation A = 1 second <= shrink <= of the Mass in B minor by Johann S. Bach (original duration 135 minutes)

Notation B = 1 second <= shrink <= of  Don Giovanni  by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (original duration 175 minutes)

Notation C = 1 second <= shrink <= of Tristan und Isolde by Richard Wagner (original duration 226 minutes)

By typing on the keyboard emerge a mass of noises.

Jorge Luis Borges's Aleph is a point in space that contains all other points, where is possible to see "the universe from every angle simultaneously, without distortion, overlapping or confusion".

The idea is to build a notation and a system that could contains all the compositions with distortion, overlapping and confusion.

Also typing without looking is useful to listen without interruptions.




Durch die Entwicklung eines Graphemsystems habe ich im Video “Delete” die Sprache exploriert, in “Summa –Notationen” habe ich das System weiter entwickelt und auf Musik übertragen. Eine Komposition, welche Notationen sind, auf je eine sec. und je ein Graphem reduziert.