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i am not compatible...
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The Holy
I am not compatible...
1997 Slide-installation, 2 slide projectors, perspex, b/w photography

The installation shows the projected face of a staring woman, twice. This expression says something like: I do not belong to me, I cannot fit in, I am not capable of change. The face in the projection seems to be caught behind bars, or in a cell of thought. In the reflection made by a plexiglass object with photography stripes, one sees the face clearly, without the barrier of bars. 80 alternating quotations by Oliver Sacks, Siri Hustvedt, Jean-Dominique Bauby or Birger Sellin accompany the visual expression in the second projection in a slow rhythm. This work was developed within the framework of a project at the "ArToll Kunstlabor" in the Bedburg Hau psychiatric clinic.

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